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Who is Nova Blake?

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time there was a girl born between the mountain and the sea. She was well loved by her mother and father, but she always felt as if there were something missing. A hole, an echo. The fey folk called to her every night, trying to lure her away across the hills and into the trees. As tempted as she was, she stayed home where it was safe.

She got older, as people do, and now that she’s grown with children of her own she’s answering that call, opening the doors to other worlds – to explore what’s just beyond the veil.

Now is not the time to play it safe.

In other words, I’m just a woman who read far too many wild tales as a child and isn’t ready to give them up just yet. Everyone deserves a happy ever after – and what’s better than one happy ever after? Why, as many as you want!

You’ll find threads of the old fairy tales interspersed with the modern world and others. You’ll find goodness and light, as well as the darkness that lies in all of us. And you will find romance; because a world without love isn’t really worth living in, right?